Don't trash your computer  Just because your computer is infected with a virus or spyware.
It CAN be fixed.
Don't buy a new computer
Just because your computer is running slow, it doesn't mean you need a new one. It can be as simple as adding more RAM or optimizing Windows. 
Do you have more than one computer in your house?  Let us setup internet access and share files between all the computers on your network.
Forgot Your Password?    
We can recover a wide variety of passwords including: Windows logon , AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo , IE, FireFox,Outlook,MS Office & More!
Got a New Gadget?
IPODs,PDA's,DVD Burners
We can  hook it up and install the software for you.
Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 - If it's Microsoft, it can be fixed
Apple/Mac - No, they don't always "Just work"
Hardware Troubleshooting - Diagnose Video,Sound,Ram,Hard Drives & CD Roms
Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal - Free OEM Virus-Removal Software
PC Tune up & Optimization - Tweak your settings
Wired & Wireless (Wi-Fi) - Setup and Secure
Connectivity Issues - Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues
Slow Machine Issues - Diagnose computer for hardware and/or software upgrade
Remote or Local Data Backups - Data Transfer to CD,DVD,HDD,Tape,Cloud
Peripherals & Software Install - CD/DVD, Scanners, Fax, Printers, IPODs, PDAs
Program Installation - 3rd Party Apps (MS Office,Graphic Apps, Etc...)
Password Recovery - Windows/Browsers/WIFI/IMs/Office & more!
DC Power Jacks - Resolder new jack to your laptop motherboard
Penetration testing - test your network security defenses and help your organization
        meet compliance and alert you to new and emerging global threats that may affect your

Application auditing & code review - review application code, scrutinizing the key
        security areas and functionality line-by-line

Incident response and Investigation - capture and analyze data stored in your
        computers, analyze network logs

Compliance Audit, and Gap Analysis - PCI, HIPAA, SOX: determine whether the system
        requirements are being met and, if not, the steps needed to do so.

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